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Ohev Shalom Sisterhood

Message from the Sisterhood President

Every organization in which you come in contact wants you, your time and your energy. So why should Ohev Shalom’s Sisterhood be a part of your life? Why should Sisterhood be important to you?

The answer is simple. Sisterhood’s goal is to strengthen the role of the women in our synagogue as well as to ensure Ohev Shalom and its youth groups and community outreach programs are supported. This is accomplished through a variety of educational and social programs that are designed to fit the varied interests of our members. We offer a monthly Jewish Women’s Book Club. On the social end, we have theater outings as well as cooking programs. Often, our group gathers together to bake for any unsponsored Friday night Onegs.

Sisterhood proudly offers the first year of USY for all our Bar and Bat Mitzvah teens – FREE and provides funding for much of the transportation utilized by our youth groups. Additionally, we lend financial assistance in many ways by supporting the Jewish Theological Seminary through Torah Fund, funding scholarships for summer camps, and meeting other synagogue needs.

And for those of you women who think Sisterhood is for your mothers, think again! We have great diversity that includes women of all ages and this is your time to do something just for you! Take time to be with other Jewish women while learning something new with plenty of fun and laughter. We welcome your participation.

Sisterhood membership is included for COS Kol Hakavod members. 

Sisterhood wants to get to know you and we think you will enjoy getting to know Sisterhood!


Linda Wallerstein
Sisterhood President

Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780