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High Holy Days 5782


Each link will include a PDF of every reading from the Torah that day.

Please note the red text at the top of each page noting the Aliyah.


Rosh Hashanah Day One


Rosh Hashanah Day Two


Yom Kippur Morning

Yom Kippur Afternoon


Sukkot Day One and Two


Yad Squad - Torah Readers

NOTE: The images linked below are taken from the Torah scroll(s) read.
(We are currently in Year II of the triennial Torah-reading cycle.)




Rishon (1st Aliyah) - Page 1 -


Sheini (2nd Aliyah) - Page 1 -


Sh'lishi (3rd Aliyah) - Page 1 -


R'vi'i (4th Aliyah) -  Page 1 - Page 2


Chamishi (5th Aliyah) - Page 1


Shishi (6th Aliyah) - Page 1 -


Sh'vi'i (7th Aliyah) - Page 1 - Page 2

Maftir (Concluding Aliyah) - Page 1


  * Readings with multiple images include a column break in the Torah scroll.
       Image 1 goes to the end of one column; Image 2 continued the reading at the top of the next column, etc.

Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782