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Yad Squad - Torah Readers

NOTE: The images linked below are taken from the Torah scroll(s) read.
(We are currently in Year I of the triennial Torah-reading cycle.)



Parshat B'reisheet - 5780

Rishon (1st Aliyah) - Text


Sheini (2nd Aliyah) - Text


Sh'lishi (3rd Aliyah) - Text


R'vi'i (4th Aliyah) - Text


Chamishi (5th Aliyah) - Text


Shishi (6th Aliyah) - Text - 1 - 2 *


Sh'vi'i (7th Aliyah) - Text


Maftir (Concluding Aliyah) - Text


  * Readings with multiple images include a column break in the Torah scroll.
       Image 1 goes to the end of one column; Image 2 continued the reading at the top of the next column, etc.

Wed, October 23 2019 24 Tishrei 5780