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Jewish Social Action Committee in Orlando

For Conservative Jews, social action is not just something we do, it is who we are. It is a central concept of how we conduct our lives and place our priorities. Whether that involves the monthly gathering, preparing , and serving a meal at the Orlando Coalition for the Homeless, the weekly free medical clinic for the working poor, or organizing and participating in interfaith activities within the community, our congregation has embraced this fully. Almost every member and family at COS has contributed in some way towards the effort of tikkun olam – repairing the world – here at COS We are an active and involved group, willing to put our faith into action by reaching out to others in our community to make a difference through performance of mitzvot.

The purpose of the Social Action Committee is to put our faith into action by reaching out to others in our community to make a difference through performance of mitzvot. We hope to educate the congregation about issues of social importance, thereby enabling them to find a place where they can make a difference. We will advocate evaluation of those issues from the perspective of Jewish teachings and traditions. Through active participation in a variety of projects and programs, we wish to mobilize the congregation to act and accomplish our goal of tikkun olam – helping to repair the world. Our focus will be threefold – to serve the synagogue community, to serve the local community, and to serve the greater community on the national and international scale.

If you are interested in joining the Social Action Committee, or volunteering your time, please contact the via email:

Also, Please visit our Facebook and Twitter Pages:
Twitter :

Ma’asim Tovim

Our Ma’asim Tovim or feeding the homeless program was started over 25 years ago by Lea and Saul Zatz. Since its inception, COS has served some 100,000 meals to the homeless of Orlando. This endeavor requires a great deal of manpower and we are constantly in need of new volunteers. In order for this program to run smoothly it requires almost 100 people to be involved in the various phases including, calling volunteers, gathering the food, cooking, cleaning the kitchen,warming the food, transporting the food and serving at the coalition.

Volunteer Coordinator – Shirley Michael –
Program Coordinator – Richard Schwartz-

Community Care Team

The community care team, chaired by Nancy Faracchio, provides an array of services to the Ohev Shalom community. From driving congregants to doctors appointments, and physical therapy appointments to taking a meal to a family that may not otherwise be able to prepare the meal, the list goes on and on.

To Volunteer call the coordinator:

Coordinator – Nancy Faracchio –

If you have a need call The COS office @ (407) 298-4650

Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)

The Bikur Cholim or visiting the sick, is one of our newest endeavors. At this time the focus is on visiting those congregants that are in the hospital. This is a great Mitzvah and if you would like to volunteer to visit someone in the hospital, please call the coordinator, Carolyn Rosenblum.

Coordinator – Carolyn Rosenblum -

If you have a need call The COS office @ (407) 298-4650

Shepherds Hope (Volunteer Free Health Clinic)

The Shepherds Hope Jewish night was the vision of Sally Izzo, who had volunteered as a nurse at various Shepherds Hope Clinics for several years. Sally saw the need to reach out to the Jewish community and have a night at a clinic that we staffed. The initial vision was for one night a month. That vision for one night a month soon turned into every Tuesday night. In the four years that we have been providing this service, we have been able to provide medical care to over 5,400 people that otherwise would not have been able to afford it. We are in need of both medical and non-medical volunteers.
If you would like to volunteer please contact us.
Coordinator –

Shepherds Hope Office –
Phone – (407) 876-6699 x3

Shepherds Hope website :
Shepherds Hope volunteer information (including medical personnel):

Mirembe Kawomera “Delicious Peace” Coffee

Mirembe Kawomera means “delicious peace” in the Ugandan language Luganda. It is the name of a Ugandan cooperative of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian coffee farmers.

The farmers of the Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative are a courageous example of people of faith working together for peace, tolerance, and economic justice. Grown high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, a dormant volcano in eastern Uganda, Mirembe Kawomera Coffee is produced in small batches by these family farmers.

Join us in support of their commitment to a better world. Mirembe Kawomera Coffee is Fair Trade Certified, guaranteeing the farmers a fair price for their coffee and supporting the 558 family farmers of the Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative. Together we can support peace and the beautiful example of the Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative.

Coordinator – Carol Lefkov –

Thu, March 21 2019 14 Adar II 5779