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Youth Programs



Congregation Ohev Shalom firmly believes in supporting the youth of our synagogue. Towards this end we offer a variety of programs for children of all ages. We have three active and successful youth groups that serve our youth from third to twelfth grade. These groups offer the opportunity for preteens and teens to strengthen their identification with Judaism and with the synagogue, as well as to socialize and interact with their Jewish peers and friends.


USY Chaverim (Formerly Olim)

Youth group for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade COS members. Meets once a month usually on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday night. Activities include social and cultural events as well as Jewish holiday and Israel programs.
Advisor: Ellen Zollman (,

Youth Director, Jayme Epstein (


USY Gesher (Fromerly Kadima)

Youth group for 6th-8th graders. Part of the National United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s youth movement. Meets approximately once a month and activities include social events, holiday and Israel celebrations, community service projects and trips. USY Gesher participates in regional and subregional events with USY Gesher chapters from all around Florida. COS has the largest chapter in the entire region. Non-COS members may participate in events held at Ohev Shalom.          Advisor: Marissa Koplo                       

Youth Director, Jayme Epstein (

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Youth group for 9th-12th graders. Part of the National United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s youth movement. Meets several times a month for social, religious, Shabbat and holiday celebrations as well as Community service and Israel programs. Open to non-COS members.

Advisor: Doug Berkowitz

Youth Director, Jayme Epstein (

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A community service program that enables 9th-12th graders to earn community service hours for school, earn subsidies for USY events and programs and Jewish summer programs.
Made possible by a grant from the Hornik Family Foundation

Performing Arts Project

Each year the COS Youth Players presents some type of performing arts project. This project offers another way to connect to the synagogue. This program is open to all COS members in grades 4-12 who wish to participate. 
Made possible by a grant from the Hornik Family Foundation


For COS 8th-12th graders who want to help at Hebrew school and learn leadership skills. Class one Sunday a month with teacher Rachel Slavkin to learn to work with children, effective communication, leadership skills and planning programs. Madrichim also work to plan school wide events. On the other 3 Sundays or Wednesdays, Madrichim work in the school. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a stipend at the end of the year for a USY program or Camp Ramah.
Made possible by a grant from the Hornik Family Foundation


Our youth groups and youth programs are supervised and overseen by Jayme Epstein, Youth Director, and  Amy Geboff, Director of Youth and Family Education for COS. The Youth commission is the synagogue committee that works with the above named professionals in setting policy and allowing for the smooth functioning of our youth groups within the synagogue setting. We are strongly committed to keeping our youth involved in the synagogue and in Jewish life, and to offer them support towards becoming our future Jewish leaders.  

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