Strategic Planning Update

Strategic Planning Update


Ohev Shalom is part of this year's Sulam for Strategic Planners cohort,
coordinated by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
Working closely with a USCJ Transformation Specialist,
our Strategic Planning Steering Committee, co-chaired by Steven Hornik and Jo Staffin,
is guiding us through this important process.
As Ohev Shalom approaches its 100th anniversary,
we are looking ahead to our second century.


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                  What's Happening Now...

                  It’s time to take the next step in our synagogue’s long-range strategic planning process.

                  The Strategic Planning Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees have reviewed and analyzed the results of the survey that so many of you responded to; gathered data from interviews with synagogue staff, board members, committee chairs, and others in leadership positions in our congregation; and identified the issues of greatest importance to the future of Congregation Ohev Shalom.

                  In order to address these issues, the following six task forces have been established:

                  1. Strategies for Adult engagement – defining what we mean by adult programming, and addressing perceived programming gaps related to various demographic groups in our congregation

                  2. Strategies for Youth education and engagement – similar to adult programming, but with a focus on youth

                  3. Synagogue operations and staffing – the makeup of our clergy and professional staff, and issues related to the operation of our synagogue

                  4. Financial stability -- ways we can ensure the financial stability of COS including looking at endowments, building reserves, education scholarships, new dues structures, etc.

                  5. Marketing, Communication & Branding – general communication issues, who and what are we, and how do we communicate and engage with our members and to the outside community

                  6. Ritual – addressing various points that emerged from the congregation-wide survey and Steering Committee workshops regarding religious services offered at COS

                  Each task force will comprise 10 to 12 congregation members, and will meet at least once a month, as often as its members deem necessary over the course of the next few months, in order to arrive at recommendations to be presented to the Steering Committee. The Committee will review and consider the task force recommendations, and ultimately present a final list of recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

                  The synagogue operations task force is already fully staffed, but there are openings in the other five task forces. If you have an interest in participating in one of them, please contact Steven Hornik ( or Jo Staffin (, or fill out the form below before January 13, 2017.


                  Steven Hornik, co-chair

                  Jo Staffin, co-chair



                  Strategic Planning Steps

                  Here are the main milestones in the strategic planning process. Completed milestones are indicated by a check.

                  Form Strategic Planning Steering Committee  
                  Strategic Planning "Launch" Workshop with Transformation Specialist 
                  Form Planning Teams (Mission/Vision, Communications, Data, etc.) 
                  Draft Ohev Shalom Mission Statement 1.0 
                  Congregational Survey 
                  Review/Analyze Survey Results 
                  Draft Mission Statement 2.0 
                  Data Gathering Interviews with Staff, Board, Committee Chairs, etc. 
                  Mission/Vision Workshop with Transformation Specialist 
                  Draft Vision Statement 1.0 
                  Create Tasks Forces / Task Force Co-Chairs 
                  Recruit Members for Task Forces - in progress
                  Draft Vision Statement 2.0
                  All Task-Force Meeting with Transformation Specialist
                  Task Forces Meet / Parlor Meetings / Data-Gathering
                  Task Force Reports to Steering Committee
                  Mission and Vision Statements 3.0, etc., as needed
                  Steering Committee Drafts Report / Recommendations
                  Strategic Planning Report / Recommendations Presented to Board of Trustees
                  Sun, 30 April 2017 4 Iyyar 5777